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Will Delta-10 Make You Fail a Drug Test

by | Apr 29, 2022

The 2018 Farm Bill, stating that any hemp-derived compound containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, has spurred the development of many Delta-9 alternatives. One of the lesser-known of those THC compounds is Delta-10. It is less potent than Delta-9, but you will still feel the psychoactive effects associated with THC. But you have to wonder, will Delta-10 make you fail a drug test? 

Intro to Delta-10 THC

Think of everything you love about your usual, Delta-9 cannabis products; giggles, euphoria, creative energy. You can get all of that from Delta-10 THC, just with a lesser intensity. Delta-10 is quite similar to Delta-9, especially Delta-9 Sativa strains. 

If this description sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably heard of the more popular Delta-9 alternative, Delta-8 THC. Both Delta-10 and Delta-8 are less potent than Delta-9, while Delta-8 is comparable to Indicas, and Delta-10 more closely mirrors the effects of Sativas.

If you’re wondering how Delta-8 came to be more popular than Delta-10, that is because Delta-10 is much more difficult to make. In fact, when you do get some Delta-10 products, they will likely have a bit of Delta-8 mixed in to increase the substance. 

Passing a Delta-10 THC Drug Test

One of the few downsides to Delta-10 THC is that, while being less potent than Delta-9, it can still cause you to fail a drug test. Regardless of whether Delta-10 has been made illegal in your state, the drug test can not differentiate between Delta-10 and Delta-9, so you will be subject to any consequences of having consumed THC. 

How Long Does Delta-10 Stay in Your System?

Delta-10 stays in your system for roughly the same time as Delta-9. The detection times of THC in your system depend more so on the level of THC in the products you use, how often you consume THC, and other personal factors, rather than whatever type of THC compound you are using. 

The rough time range for THC to stay in different parts of your system depending on the described factors is as follows:

  • A few days to a month in urine
  • Approximately three days to a week in saliva
  • One day to two weeks in blood

The detection time of THC in your hair works a little bit differently because it does not depend on the described factors as much as the other types of tests. THC will be detectable in anyone’s hair for about ninety days.

Reliable Ways to Detox from Delta-10 THC

You can still pass your drug test, even if you consumed Delta-10 THC yesterday!

In the fortunate case that you have over a month until your drug test, you will likely be able to detox naturally. The most important thing to do when detoxing is to stop consumption immediately. It may seem obvious that you will need to stop consuming Delta-10 and other types of THC, but you’ll need to stop consuming all other toxins as well. Avoid things like sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Try to consume an extra amount of water and other fluids, along with whole grains, vegetables, beans, and seeds. The detoxing process can be taxing on your body, so be sure to support it as best you can. 

If you have one to two weeks and want to permanently cleanse your body of all THC, you can use a detox program to accelerate your natural detoxification processes.

If you only have one day to detox, you will still be able to… but only temporarily. You can use a 24-hour detox kit to cleanse your system of any detectable toxins and still pass your drug test. However, after only a few hours, leftover toxins will surface. 

Closing Thoughts

Using Delta-10 THC is an excellent option for legally getting a mellow high (though illegal in some states). However, even if Delta-10 is legal in your state, you will fail a drug test if you’ve recently consumed it; unless you use a trusted detox kit to cleanse your system in time.

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