Premium Delta 8 Rocket Fuel - Unflavored


Premium Delta 8 Rocket Fuel - Unflavored

The Scientists at Dimo Rocket Labs have formulated THE SUPREME substance that will power your rocket booster to the MAXIMUM! This Substance elevates your trip to the moon, packed with only the highest quality of cannabinoids, Dimo’s Premium Delta-8 Rocket Fuel is the only choice for Space Cadets looking to blast off! Available in four sizes.

Delta 8 Bulk Distillate

This high quality Delta 8 is derived from hemp. This product is odorless and has no taste.

  • Type: Delta 8 oil
  • Delta 8 Concentration: 90%+ 
  • Origin Material: Hemp
  • Delta 9 Content: None detected
  • Terpenes: No
  • Product Weight: Tare Wt includes product lid