Dimo Hemp Military Discount 1920X700

Thank You For Your Service

To thank you for your service, DIMO is offering a 30% discount to active duty, reserve/guard, veteran, and family.

  • Please email us at helpdesk@dimohemp.com with subject line = “Military Discount
  • Provide us with a picture of your military ID, or other proof of military service and your drivers license in the same photo. We only need to see your name, picture (if applicable), and branch of service. Please block out all other information.

Promo Details

  • The discount is good sitewide.

  • Cannot be combined with other discounts.

  • Only one discount may be used per order.

  • You must be logged into the verified email to use the discount.

About Delta-8

Delta-8-THC is more similar to Delta-9-THC. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary active ingredient in psychoactive cannabis (marijuana).

About Delta-10

Delta-9 THC is the most commonly sold and used THC compound, and Delta-8 THC is a less potent sister compound of Delta-9.

About HHC

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is unlike most other psychoactive cannabinoids on the market because it isn’t actually a THC compound. 

About THC-O

THC-O, also known as “THC-O acetate,” is a THC compound said to be approximately three times more potent than Delta-9 THC...