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Your Guide to D9-O: Effects, Benefits, and How it’s Made

by | Nov 17, 2022

Have you heard about the latest THC cannabinoid to hit the market? This one is different from other hemp-derived cannabinoids, although it behaves very similarly to one you know and love. Find out how D9-O, or Delta-9 THC-O, came to be, plus what you can expect when you consume it. 

What Is Delta-9 THC-O?

D9-O is another type of Delta-9 THC, but with the addition of acetate. If you’re familiar with THC-O (which stands for “Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol acetate”), this is very similar. The “O” after the D9 represents its chemical composition—in other words, the molecule has been altered to include an acetate.

Is Delta-9 THC-O a Real Cannabinoid?

Although many alternative cannabinoids are artificially created in laboratories, some of them occur naturally in cannabis. Delta-9 THC-O, however, does not occur naturally in hemp or marijuana. Many people are hesitant to call it a cannabinoid because of its synthetic origins—though this is technically inaccurate. D9-O offers plenty of therapeutic and medicinal benefits, and the path to creation begins much like other alternative cannabinoids.

Delta-8 or Delta-9 is created when CBD from hemp plants undergoes a chemical reaction. Finally, an acetate is added to the compound for stability and to influence how fast it gets absorbed by your body.

Is Delta-9 THC-O Legal?

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized the production, sale, and consumption of industrial hemp-based products in the United States. If a cannabinoid product comes from hemp, it’s legal so long as its final concentration is less than 0.3% THC by total weight. However, each state may determine whether or not they will accept this law as their own, and some states have banned any and all psychoactive cannabinoids.

D9-O is a psychoactive substance and if you need to pass a drug test, it can cause you to fail. Be sure to do your due diligence before experimenting with THC variants!

Does D9-O Get You High?

Delta-9 and D9-O are extremely similar, but the biggest difference is how we process it. When we consume the acetate, it passes through our digestive system—and gets absorbed.

The digestive process can take a little while. Because the acetate version is metabolized more slowly than other cannabinoids, it can take longer to feel its effects. However, this quality makes the chemical compound more bioavailable—meaning your body processes it better and you get stronger benefits.

Although D9-O takes longer to kick in than Delta-9, it is still at least three times stronger. It’s wise to start with a low dose and then give it time before going for more—the high may last longer than normal THC.

Delta-9 THC-O Effects & Benefits

Because they are so similar, you can expect many of the same effects from D9-O as you would Delta-9. In small to moderate doses, D9-O will make you feel relaxed and mellow—and relieve stress, anxiety and physical tension.

As dosage increases, effects range from light sleepiness to heavy sedation and loss of coordination. D9-O will definitely get you high—and because it’s so strong, it can be used for various applications like insomnia treatment, appetite stimulation, or reduction in muscle spasms. It just might be a wonderful option for patients with a high tolerance who need quick relief without having to consume large amounts of other cannabinoids.

When consumed recreationally, D9-O offers a lovely (and potent) high. Remember that the effects take longer to kick in, but are stronger when they do, so it’s especially crucial to go slow with your dosage increase. 

How to Use Delta-9 THC-O?

D9-O is pretty new and manufacturers are still working on the best ways to bring products to market. You can expect to see this novel cannabinoid in all of your favorite form factors like gummies, tinctures, vape pens, and other edibles. 

Try the Latest D9-O Products from Dimo

You know we love to blend cannabinoids to bring you the finest concentrations of the best alternative cannabinoids on the market. Try our one-gram cart of live resin with D9-O and THC-P in Amnesia Haze and Lava Cake. Or, double down on a two-gram disposable in Lava Cake. 

Delta-9 THC-O is just one of hundreds of known cannabinoids, and it’s only a matter of time before more are discovered. Keep an eye out for new products from Dimo Hemp that incorporate these exciting compounds into our formulations.

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