Blunts vs Joints: Similarities and Differences Compared

by | Dec 6, 2022

Blunts and joints are both popular ways to smoke cannabis. But what is the difference between them? Which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll compare blunts vs joints to what they have in common, and what really sets them apart.

Blunts vs Joints: A Comparison

A joint is what old-timers would call a marijuana cigarette. It’s made by “rolling” or folding cannabis in rolling paper and then smoking it. You can roll your own, or invest in some quality pre-roll joints. Blunts are larger than joints and are cigar-sized with a tobacco or hemp leaf wrapper instead of rolling paper. 

Similarities: Blunts vs Joints

Both blunts and joints are cylindrical sticks filled with weed. You light them up and smoke them! They are both filled with ground weed and rolled in a type of burnable paper or wrap safe for inhalation. Blunts and joints are easily filled with hash, kief, or other types of cannabis extracts like live resin or smokable herbs in addition to cannabis. You can smoke joints or blunts solo or in groups but blunts tend to be better for larger sessions. But if you feel called to smoke a blunt to yourself, by all means, you do you!

Both blunts and joints often have filters or glass tips at the end to prevent sticky fingers from resin. This is super nice when smoking blunts because they are well-known to get a bit “juicy” toward the end. 

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Differences: Blunts vs Joints

The biggest difference when comparing blunts vs joints is the size. Joints are much smaller, containing around 0.3 grams to roughly one gram of weed. Of course, this can vary, and you can pack as little or as much weed as you’d like in a rolling paper. The papers themselves are usually made of hemp or flax. They are very thin—paper thin, as they say, wink wink—so you have to be careful when rolling, or they will tear easily. 

Blunts are rolled with cigar wraps, although now you can find hemp wraps pretty easily. You can buy a cigar wrap which is made with tobacco leaves, but you will be smoking nicotine if you go this route. Before wraps became popular, people would buy cigars or cigarillos and cut them open down the length of the wrap. Then, remove the tobacco inside and replace it with weed before rolling back up again and sealing it to smoke. Hemp wraps are nicotine free.

Another major difference between blunts vs joints is how long they last. Blunts usually contain two grams of weed or more, so they will burn longer than a typical joint. This is why blunts are often best for big groups so everyone can hit it several times around the circle.

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How to Roll a Joint

Rolling a joint is a straightforward process that takes a little practice to perfect. First, you’ll want to grind your weed and make sure it’s nice and fine. Then take a filter (if using) and fold it in half, roll it into a spiral, or fold it multiple times like an accordion. Roller’s choice. Then, place it at one end of the rolling paper.

Next, place some weed inside the open end of your rolling paper. Sprinkle it across the length evenly, then lightly pack it down with your finger. Roll in one direction, being careful not to rip the paper. Roll it tightly, but not too tight! It should feel firm. On your last roll, lick the sticky end of the paper and fold it over the other side, and press it down on the opposite end of the joint. Run your finger along the seal to make sure it holds tight. Spark it up!

How to Roll a Blunt

Blunts can be rolled using a variety of tools and materials. You can use tobacco-free hemp wraps, cigarillos, blunt wraps, or empty cigars. Rolling a blunt is much like rolling a joint, but bigger! So, follow the above steps to grind, roll, and seal your blunt.

When rolling blunts, it’s important to use just the right amount of weed so that you won’t have trouble closing up the end of your blunt properly afterward. If you’re having trouble getting everything to fit inside this tightly-rolled package, take out a bit of weed and re-roll. This is a better alternative than adding more paper to make it fit since this may increase the chances that they’ll come apart during smoking.

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Final Smoke: Which is Better?

So, what’s the verdict in the great debate of blunts vs joints? Smoking a blunt and smoking a joint are two excellent ways to get high. There are key similarities and differences between blunts vs joints, but they’re both fantastic. Why choose a favorite when you have them both anytime you like? Grab a joint or pre-roll for a solo hike or at-home sesh, and save the blunt for your next party or gathering with friends. Either way, so long as they are filled with quality cannabis, you can’t really go wrong. 

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