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Blending Cannabinoids: Benefits & Effects

by | Sep 26, 2022

Cannabis is a fantastic plant. It’s a nutrient-dense, therapeutic medicine with unlimited benefits. Whether you want to get better sleep, tap into your creativity, or just get a nice buzz – there’s a strain for that. The evolution of hemp products has furthered the possibilities, with the discovery of new cannabinoids like HHC and multiple THC variants. These cannabinoids exhibit unique characteristics on their own, but what happens when you blend them together? Is there any benefit to products made by blending cannabinoids? We think so, and here’s why. 

What Does it Mean to Blend Cannabinoids?

When talking about hemp-derived cannabinoids, many naturally occur in the plant. However, because the overall percentage is so small, extraction experts step in to help. For example, cannabinoids like Delta-8 and Delta-10 are made from isolated CBD through a process called isomerization. With the help of specialized lab equipment and experienced scientists, we can obtain enough Delta-8 and Delta-10 to infuse products like pre-rolls, vape pens, and edibles. 

Each of these cannabinoids exists on its own, just waiting to become greater. You can use pure Delta-8 distillate and infuse a gummy. Or, you can put it straight into a disposable vape pen. Delta-8 distillate is added to joints or dabbed in extract form. It’s perfectly wonderful on its own. The same applies to THC-P, HHC-O, THC-B, and all other hemp-derived cannabinoids. 

Power in Numbers

Yet, think about all of the magic that might happen when blending cannabinoids to amplify their effects. When you blend cannabinoids, you get the best of both (or all!) worlds in the convenience of one product. Curious about Delta-8 mixed with HHC-P? Bam! Turn it into a vape pen. Would you like to try all of the THC variants together? You’ve got it. There’s a vape pen for that, too. 

Okay, so aside from the notion that ‘more is more’ is there any real benefit to blending cannabinoids? Science says yes. A phenomenon called the ‘entourage effect’ occurs when multiple compounds from cannabis come together. This includes blending cannabinoids, but also terpenes and flavonoids. Basically, there is power in numbers. The effects of individual cannabinoids are stronger when they are combined than when they are chemically isolated. 

Best Cannabinoid Combinations

The best way to experience blended cannabinoids is through our Melted and Lifted series of vape pens, disposables, and pre-rolls.

Looper Melted Series

The Melted series features five vape cartridges, five disposables, and five pre-roll options. Each product contains three blended cannabinoids for maximum effectiveness. Some of our most popular combinations include:

  • THC-O + HHC + THC-P
  • HHC + HHC-O + THC-P
  • THC-O + Delta-8 + HHC
  • HHC + Delta-8 + THC-P

Try these combinations in tasty strains like Banana Sherbet, Skywalker, and Rainbowz.

Looper Lifted Series

The Lifted Series features five vape cartridges and five disposables in popular strains like Grape Ape, Cereal Milk, and Ice Cream Cake. We’ve carefully blended these cannabinoids to ensure you get properly lifted every time you take a hit. 

  • THC-O + HHC + THC-P
  • THC-B + THC-H + THC-P
  • Delta-8 + THC-P + HHC-P
  • Delta-8 + THC-O + THC-P

Shop all of these fire selections below and prepare for blast off!

Top Cannabinoids for Blending

We’ve done a fair amount of research to create our Dimo product line. We started with Delta-8, branched into Delta-10, and then expanded into groundbreaking cannabinoids like HHC and its variants, as well as multiple variants of THC. The results have been astonishing, just ask our customers. So, what makes each of these cannabinoids so special? Here are the top choices for blending cannabinoids.

Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 is quite similar to Delta-9 but with fewer psychoactive effects. It still produces all of the same benefits, like better sleep, relaxation, pain relief, giddiness, euphoria, creative moods, improved focus, and reduced anxiety. However, it does so with less intensity. You still get high, but with less of a chance that you might experience the uncomfortable side effects of feeling too stoned. 

  • Premium Delta-8 Disposables: Mimosa
    Premium Delta-8 Disposables: Mimosa
    Product on sale
  • Premium Delta-8 Disposables: Gelato
    Premium Delta-8 Disposables: Gelato
    Product on sale
  • Live Resin Infused Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Cosmic Cookies
    Live Resin Infused Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Cosmic Cookies
  • Live Resin Infused Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Lemon Pound Cake
    Live Resin Infused Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Lemon Pound Cake
  • Live Resin Infused Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Peach Oz
    Live Resin Infused Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Peach Oz


THC-B behaves much like Delta-9 THC. Consumers report that it is particularly effective for battling insomnia and reducing chronic pain. 


THC-H is also very similar to Delta-9 THC. It has pain-busting effects but is more notably recognized for encouraging relaxation and improving mood. THC-H is a great option for feeling good and lightening your mental and physical load.


Most THC derivatives are milder than Delta-9, but that is not the case for THC-O. Alternatively, THC-O is touted as being up to three times more potent than Delta-9. Some users report that it borders on psychedelic in larger doses, so it should be used with extreme caution. When blended with other cannabinoids, THC-O adds extra strength and effectiveness. 


THC-P is stronger than Delta-9, but not as potent as THC-O. It is usually said to produce increased feelings of euphoria and happiness. THC-P is also helpful in reducing physical tension and getting into a deep state of relaxation. 

  • Neon Rings Hi-Octane Delta-8 & THC-P Infused – 1,000mg
    Neon Rings Hi-Octane Delta-8 & THC-P Infused – 1,000mg
    Product on sale
  • Pineapple Rings Hi-Octane Delta-8 & THC-P Infused – 1,000mg
    Pineapple Rings Hi-Octane Delta-8 & THC-P Infused – 1,000mg
    Product on sale


HHC is a bit weaker than Delta-9, but with similar effects. It’s said to help reduce anxiety, relieve physical pain, and increase feelings of wellness and euphoria. HHC is a great introduction to hemp-derived cannabinoids for first-time users. 


Just like THC-O is stronger than THC, HHC-O is stronger than HHC. This is because it contains an added acetate that makes it easier for the body to metabolize. The effects feel similar to HHC but come on much faster and with a bit more intensity. 


The extra carbon tail adds a ‘P’ to HHC, making it bind to our cannabinoid receptors much more efficiently. As a result, the effects are much stronger, producing heightened feelings of happiness and relaxation. HHC-P is often said to be very much like Delta-9.

How to Learn More

To hear firsthand experience with blended cannabinoids, read reviews from our customers. If you’d like to learn more about cannabinoids, head to our blog and check out some of our excellent guides. The more we learn about cannabinoids, the more great products you can expect from Dimo. Stay tuned for new product updates and information coming soon.

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